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Mr. Shekmer was born in Northern Virginia. His parents were Federal government employees who taught their children the importance of fiscal responsibility.

He went to college in the early 1980’s for a criminal justice degree and then followed in his parents’ footsteps and joined the Federal workforce when he entered the U.S. Army out of his university’s ROTC program. After six years in the Army, he moved to civil service and continued with the Federal government until retiring at the age of 51.

His experience with saving and investing started while he was in the Army, when he opened his first retirement investment account through a high-cost investment company. While his parents had taught him about budgeting and saving, this was the beginning of his learning about investing. He started his second retirement investment account within a year of his first and continued to budget, save, and invest throughout his Federal career.

With some guidance from his brother, he figured out investing and became a life-long investor. His experiences allowed him to fine-tune his approach to budgeting, saving, and investing. The end result of which is that he has been successfully retired since 2012.

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