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  • September 16, 2019


This book delivers on the following:

  • Understand Why You Need to Grow Your Money
  • Understand How Compound Growth Works When You Invest Your Money
  • How Investments Work in General
  • Before You Invest, Know Yourself
  • Don’t Let the Government Eat Up Your Investment
  • Quick Introduction to Asset Classes
  • Stock Market Investing: The What, Where, When, How, and Why
  • Investing in Real Estate
  • Investing in Bonds
  • Investing in Business Partnerships
  • Investing in Private Corporations
  • Investing in Precious Metals
  • Investment Vehicles
  • Getting Organized: How to Form Your Own Personal Investing Plan
  • Investment Strategies


Investing For Beginners is the newbie investor book you ABSOLUTELY need to read if you are completely clueless about investing. It is aimed at people who have managed to save a bit of their hard-earned income with banking but are completely stumped as to what to do with their savings.

Written in plain English and extremely light on technical jargon and financial terminology, this book gives novice investors a clear view of why they should invest, how they should invest, different assets they can invest in, and simple strategies they can use to maximize the growth potential of their investment.

From STOCKS to BONDS to REAL ESTATE to even PRIVATE GENERAL PARTNERSHIPS and PRECIOUS METALS, this book explores a wide range of investing options newbie investors might not even be aware of. Even with more familiar investment asset classes like stocks and bonds, this book steps readers through different ways they can invest and some simple investing strategies they can use.

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